Bob Brotchie - Transformational Life Coach

I’m Bob Brotchie, human performance mentor and creator of the Conscious Living by Design performance plan. A plan that drives otherwise successful individuals to ‘wake up’, destress and recapture their passion. Click here for your own free assessment.

Do you feel like you have it all, and yet you are:

  • finding after the striving and effort, the expenditure, and working ‘all hours’, a loss of identity, enthusiasm, and purpose?
  • afraid of being ‘found out’? (Impostor Syndrome)
  • struggling to recognise who your value connections are, since your success? (They must be after ‘something’.)
  • feeling as though domestic and social life is more difficult than it might be?
  • noticing that stress, anxiety, or ANGER, is getting in your way? (Emotions are a dirty adjective.)
  • concerned about your physical and psychological health?
  • making major financial and other business decisions based on emotions?

Conscious Living by Design (CLBD)

Here is an overview of the process clients commonly use to agree a working strategy for establishing transformation through goal-oriented results:

  1. After completing an initial questionnaire, we agree to meet. (Allow up to two hours for this initial appraisal.)
  2. We explore and discuss a top-level dive into your life for what you perceive is fulfilled – and what is less so.
  3. We agree primary focus and value categories for short, medium and long-term goals.
  4. These goals are assessed for value, efficacy, premise, purpose, time-to-achieve, and desired outcome.
  5. A contract is mutually agreed to commence, and remittance in full provided.
  6. You receive confirmation document outlining what has been agreed.
  7. We set regular online and in-person meetings for progress updates, measurements, address barriers to attainment and re-align where necessary, and celebrate performance improvements. These regular meetings (up to 2 hours) will be held as often as necessary and at the least every two weeks, whether online or in-person.
  8. We expand through at least twelve of the most fundamental life areas ensuring we address any areas that are creating attainment or performance inertia impacting negatively or positively other goals.
  9. You recognise new habits and their value and embed these through repetition and reporting.
  10. At the twelve-month mark we review successes and any outstanding work, and whether continuous coaching engagement is required. Welcome to your new, more fulfilled life!

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.  – Aristotle

I’m ready to achieve new heights with you!

As your mentor, you get a unique and holistic blend of mind and body expertise. You also have access to business gravitas; whether small and entrepreneurial, or corporate. I provide the inside track on what it is that defines humans who are limited in their beliefs and those who are limitless.

I know what it is to suffer. And because I understand what creates suffering, I have empathy, and the knowledge to demonstrate to you how suffering becomes not only useful, in fact, it’s crucial if we are to grow. I will also share my personal and professional growth with you. Mindfulness has been life-changing for me. However, I have, at my disposal, many options and tools that we can match and provide that are bespoke to you and your style. No ‘one-trick pony’ here!

Helping to Interrupt the Pathway Between Life and Death – Physiologically and Psychologically

It was some 47 years before I finally began to understand my place in this world. I found my identity and learned to heal from my past. Healing from a childhood hugely disrupted by multiple abandonments and childhood emotional neglect. Thus, recognising the cumulative effects this had on my behaviours; both in childhood and as an adult. I was forever seeking that ever elusive ‘peace of mind’ and contentment. However, despite these challenges during all these years, I had the opportunity of being an award-winning paramedic, flight medic, innovator, and now private counsellor and elite coach.

You feel you should be happy?

There are mentors who say, “You can have it all!” and “I can help you to be successful!”. But, do you know what you want? Moreover, will you be happy and satisfied when you get there? Ask yourself:

  • How do you want your life to be?
  • Do you know what balance of work and play you wish to attain?
  • What purpose and enjoyment will give you fulfilment and contentment?
  • Would you like to discover what will ensure that you feel alive and not pressured?
  • What will enable you to have time for the people and the activities that matter most to you?

Who I Work With

I am highly selective about who I work with and I know you are too! You will need to be tenacious, diligent, open, and enthusiastic. At the beginning, however, I appreciate my clients are often struggling to find ‘meaning’ and I’ve found that a lot of people either:

  • lack the courage to go after what they really want to do or create in life;
  • fail to have someone who sets the right example for them;
  • simply lack the encouragement from the people closest to them; or
  • are not prepared to move out of the ‘comfort’ of their recognisable discomfort.

Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

Many of my clients previously believed that “It will be okay when…”. As a result, it’s important that we work together to create solutions when stress feels like it is destroying your wellbeing and you’re feeling frequently overwhelmed. Therefore, I will guide you to that innate state of waking up, having that sense of purpose, value and worth. To not only enjoy your life again, but to thrive once again.

Who are you?

You are likely an executive industry leader or someone who has established financial security through inheritance, sporting prowess, celebrity status, or entrepreneurial enterprise. Or, maybe you’ve been waiting all your life for retirement, and now it’s here, you feel lost.

Many executives lose motivation and realise that their position and possessions, financial wealth and material assets, are not scratching ‘that’ itch. Similarly, others are transitioning careers, climbing the corporate ladder, or getting lost in the minutiae of work.

Some professionals struggle to be heard above the noise. Others find business and relationship power struggles are frustrating. It may be that confidence is a challenge and undermining your potential. It can be commonplace for negative emotions to be ruling your performance.

There are so many eventualities which lead to more questions. However, there is a solution. By collaboratively working with me, you will learn the truth about what you really desire and what it’ll take to get there.

SQ (Spiritual Intelligence): The basic desire to find ultimate meaning and purpose in one’s life. –  Elizabeth Denton

Is it just cold, hard cash?

Collaboration with me, will cost you:

  • the loss of patterns and beliefs of uncertainty around your place in this world.
  • the commitment, and effort required, to change the patterns that no longer serve you.
  • the discomfort of change. In other words, learning to live with less suffering, improved productivity, greater creativity, and more harmonious relationships.
  • cold, hard cash!

For some, I will appear ‘expensive’. (They’re not my audience.) For others, I am ridiculously inexpensive. Especially to those who have already derived the value and benefits of working with me. Therefore, to experience exceptional results, it requires extraordinary investment; both money and drive!

Price is only an issue in the absence of value.

Following initial assessment and mutual agreement to collaborate, your investment is between £2,800 (GBP) and £23,000 (GBP), depending on the length of engagement. If you take advantage of my Conscious Living by Design program, this is a 12-month commitment.  However, I don’t charge any additional fees for my travel anywhere within the UK. * Meetings are offered on-site, off-site, or online.

For collaborative services, with multiple personnel across your organisation, scalable options and opportunities are available on application.

For international clients, the compensation is agreed on application. Travel and accommodation attract expenses.

Do you want to continue to guess whether you can achieve less suffering and more success? More importantly, shall we test and confirm just what is possible? So, when will you take the first, most important step? Sometime, or right now?

* All compensation is payable in full and in advance, prior to first contracted meeting.

If you have any questions about my program please feel free to get in touch by sending me an email or if you prefer, you can call me from within the UK on 07747 042899. For international enquiries, drop me an email or call me on +44 1638 554791. Alternatively, fill out the form below.