Do you notice how when you achieve your business goals, perhaps the fruition of an exit-strategy, it can feel like you fall off a cliff? As a result, you go somewhere dark and meaningless? Consequently, a loss of purpose? (Do you want to recapture the passion?)

You feel like you have it all, and yet you are…

  • finding after the striving and effort, the expenditure, and working all hours, a loss of identity.
  • afraid of being ‘found out’. (Do you have impostor syndrome?)
  • fed up with your exec team being unable or unwilling to listen. (Are they, or are you, lacking cohesion and effective communication skills?)
  • struggling to recognise who your value connections are, since your success. (Are they only after ‘something’?)
  • feeling as though domestic and social life is less than it might be.
  • noticing that stress, anxiety, or ANGER, is getting in your way. (Are ‘emotions’ a dirty adjective? What about your physical and psychological health?)

So, now what? It’s time for that external evaluation. I’m ready. It’s time!

I’m Bob Brotchie, creator of the limitless life by design performance plan that helps otherwise successful and wealthy individuals identify, wake up, and recapture their passion.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.  – Aristotle