Who do you believe yourself to be?


There are mentors who say “You can have it all!” and “I can help you to be successful!”… but do you know what you want? And more importantly, will you be happy and satisfied when you get there? So, before you race off to sign up to such a program ask yourself:

  • What do you want your life to be?
  • What balance of work and play do you wish to attain?
  • What purpose and enjoyment will give you fulfilment and contentment?
  • What will ensure that you feel alive and not pressured?
  • What will enable you to have time for the people and the activities that matter most to you?

I work with clients who are struggling to find meaning.

In researching meaning, I’ve found that a lot of people either:

  • lack the courage to go after what they really want to do or create in life;
  • don’t have someone who set the right example for them;
  • or simply lack the encouragement from the people closest to them.

I’m engaged by clients who previously believed that “It will be okay when…”. We can work together and create solutions when stress feels like it is destroying your wellbeing and you’re feeling frequently overwhelmed. I can guide you to that innate state of waking up, having that sense of purpose, value and worth.

Who are you?

You are likely to be known as an executive leader or someone who has found or established financial security through inheritance, sporting prowess or celebrity status. Perhaps you’ve been waiting all your life for retirement, and now it’s here… you’re lost?

Have you lost motivation and now realise that your position and possessions, financial wealth and material assets are not scratching ‘that’ itch? Are you transitioning careers, seeking to climb the corporate ladder, or getting lost in the minutiae of your work?

Are you struggling to be heard above the noise? Are business – and relationship power struggles now frustrating you? Is confidence a challenge and undermining your potential? Are negative emotions ruling your performance?

So many questions. Now for a solution… Collaboratively, working with me you will learn the truth about what you really desire and how to get there.


SQ (Spiritual Intelligence): The basic desire to find ultimate meaning and purpose in one’s life. ~ Elizabeth Denton