Are you ready to achieve new heights?


As your life coach, you get a unique and holistic blend of mind and body expertise. You get access to business gravitas, whether small and entrepreneurial or corporate. You get the inside track on what it is that defines humans who are limited in their beliefs, and those who are limitless.

I know what it is to suffer, and because I know what creates suffering, I have empathy and personal and professional growth to share with you now. Just because the practice of mindfulness has provided so much that is life-changing for me, you won’t have mindfulness rammed down your throat! I have many options and tools to match your style that will be bespoke to you. No ‘one trick’ pony here!

My Journey

It was some 47 years before I finally came to begin understanding my place in this world, my identity and to learn to heal from my past; a childhood hugely disrupted by multiple abandonments, childhood emotional neglect, and the cumulative effects this had on my behaviours in both child and adulthood as I sought that ever elusive ‘peace of mind’ and sense of contentment.

However, during all these years I had the amazing opportunity of being an award-winning paramedic and flight medic, counsellor and innovator. Helping to interrupt the pathway between life and death, physiologically – and psychologically.

The Team Behind My Programs

Bob Brotchie is a private practice counsellor, former award-winning paramedic and innovator, now providing services to clients in the privacy and comfort of a truly welcoming environment in the beautiful English county of Suffolk.

The therapeutic models Bob offers are bespoke to the client’s needs whilst integrating a mindful approach to psychotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) principles. The great majority of his clients suffer anxiety and/or depression resulting from either trauma (PTSD), or childhood emotional neglect (CEN). For clients experiencing trauma, OCD, and/or phobia, he offers the Rewind Technique which is a rapid process providing fast results – without unnecessarily re-traumatising the individual.

Sonya Palasiuk and Bob have collaborated on various online social projects since 2012. Sonya is your mindful program ‘angel’, overseeing technical aspects, program administration and content format. Sonya also founded and runs the amazing online community, LeanOnUs (LOU), drawing together people and resources for the good of all as a non-profit venture, now in it’s eighth year.