The 8 Pillars of Mindfulness for Life Today: Integration

Mindfulness is a process that develops infinitely over time and now we reflect on the past seven days to see how they can be integrated in our daily life. We will map the links between seven of the pillars and although they were introduced separately, they form an inseparable entity – together they form the […]

The 8 Pillars of Mindfulness for Life Today: The Ego

Identification Answering the question “Who are you?” seems simple. When we ask someone this, we often get an answer like, “I’m John, 24 years old, I am a manager, I have a nice house in Hampshire…”. In most cases, we get information about the situation in which the person finds themselves, what they do and/or […]

The 8 Pillars of Mindfulness for Life Today: Compassion

Self-Criticism At times, life can be hard and regardless of our best intentions, things go wrong, sometimes even very wrong. Our marriage could end in divorce, we could miss an important deadline, we could fail that exam, we could get ill… and how do we usually react? We feel ashamed. We feel guilty. We can […]

The 8 Pillars of Mindfulness for Life Today: Goals

Goals are a crucial part of our society; you follow a course of study in higher education with the aim of later working in a chosen profession, you boil water to drink coffee, you travel with the goal to arrive at a destination, etc. There are many different types of goals. Some goals are abstract […]

The 8 Pillars of Mindfulness for Life Today: Acceptance

Unpleasant Situations Every day, we come across a variety of pleasant experiences like receiving a kind email from an old friend, having a lovely conversation with a colleague or receiving a nice compliment. Every day, we also have less pleasant, or even distressing, experiences like getting stuck in traffic, having a dispute with a colleague […]

The 8 Pillars of Mindfulness for Life Today: Judgement

Judging is something we constantly do and is largely automatic. Within a fraction of a second, we can form an opinion about someone we have just met and it can take little time to label and evening as successful or unsuccessful. We make judgements about others, ourselves situations, the weather, and so on. There is […]

The 8 Pillars of Mindfulness for Life Today: Automaticity

Although it may be hard to imagine, some researchers believe that 90% of our behaviour is carried out automatically. A clear example of automatic behaviour is when driving a car. If we are an experienced driver, most of the time, we will not be consciously aware of changing gear, the movement of our feet and […]

The 8 Pillars of Mindfulness for Life Today: Attention

Attention focuses our awareness on a specific experience and this process can be compared to the operation of a flashlight. Attention is like the light from the flashlight that illuminates a specific area. 1 There are two different elements at work when it comes to attention : The first element is what demands our attention like external stimuli such […]