Is it just cold, hard cash?

Collaboration with me, will cost you…

  • the loss of patterns and beliefs of uncertainty around your place in this world.
  • the commitment, and effort required, to change the patterns that no longer serve you.
  • the discomfort of change. In other words, learning to live with less suffering, improved productivity, greater creativity, and more harmonious relationships.
  • cold, hard cash!

For some, I will appear ‘expensive’. But, for others, I am ridiculously inexpensive. Especially to those who have already derived the value and benefits of working with me. Therefore, to experience exceptional results, it requires extraordinary investment; both money and drive!

To secure a minimum of six (fortnightly) meetings with me, the compensation is £2,800 (GBP). Subsequent meetings are offered on-site, off-site, or online. Additionally, when you commit to a full year, the compensation is £23,000 (GBP). However, I don’t charge any additional fees for my travel anywhere within the UK.*


For collaborative services, with multiple personnel across your organisation, scalable options and opportunities are available on application.

For international clients, the compensation is agreed on application. Travel and accommodation attract expenses.


Price is only an issue in the absence of value.


Do you want to continue to guess whether you can achieve less suffering and more success? More importantly, shall we test and confirm just what is possible? So, when will you take the first, most important step? Sometime, or right now?

Here’s to believing in you.


*All compensation is payable in full and in advance.