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Programs Facilitated by Bob Brotchie
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 by Emily
Your Mindful Journey

It was interesting to learn how mindfulness can be a life-changing experience. I have a very demanding professional and personal lifestyle and wanted to learn how to clear my head and relax. Bob, I feel blessed to have met you. You truly changed my understanding of how our thoughts and emotions can affect us. I am much more aware now. This was exactly what I was looking for!

Thank you Emily. I think professional individuals and workplace leaders are growing increasingly more aware of the power and value of a more mindful mindset. Less stress and absenteeism, more creativity and output are just some of the benefits of this optimal practice. So grateful for your feedback and attention. Warmest wishes to you.

 by Lauren
Your Mindful Journey

The program is effective and clear as it helped me to discover what mindfulness is. The help and advice offered helps to explain why and how the particular feeling occurs which helps you to understand how to overcome it. There are many different scenarios which means this program can help a variety of people, so I strongly recommend it to anyone.

It is also effective in the long term because it helps to make you think and see things differently. Taking a little time out of each day to complete this course, it has assisted me in living in the present time, rather than dwelling on the past or events which may happen in the future. I would strongly recommend this course to help people gain the skills they need to learn how to feel calmer and become more emotionally stable.

Lauren, it was an honour to have you on board, thank you. Your welcome feedback has clarified that 'we' are on the right track in how we are all collectively trying to 'be', more. I wish you well in your continued practice.

 by Thais Randall
Your Mindful Journey

Despite having done some Mindfulness before, I went into this with some scepticism about how much difference it could really make. Well I actually found it an amazing experience. Bob is a wonderful and supportive tutor and facilitator. All the material available on this program is great as it will walk you through the changes that you need to work in your life. It's important to go into this experience with an open mind as preconceptions can almost hinder the practice, but I thoroughly encourage everyone to give this a go! I am thinking more clearly now and experiencing life in a far more pleasurable way. Just by starting to feel gratitude for life itself and then each day moment by moment. Thank you.

Thais, your considered feedback will be invaluable for all those who have accessed mindfulness before, as well as those yet to do so. Thank you so much.

 by cesil
Your Mindful Journey

This is an effective 8 week online training program. It has helped me to discover myself and understand what being mindful is. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course.

Thank you for your considered feedback, Cesil. We’re grateful and honoured to have had you on board.

 by Susan
Your Mindful Journey

Bob's program is great in the way it explains all the 8 topics covered. It was my first experience with mindfulness. As I see it, this isn't just 'mindfulness' training or to get you to practise each day - each module helped me to understand the why behind behaviours and reactions. Overall, this course has helped me to be more positive about stress and bad events, to sleep better and to be more thoughtful about my life as I'm living it.

Thank you Susan. We’re so pleased you found your experience something of value. We wish you continued growth via your newfound knowledge and practice.

 by JJ
Your Mindful Journey

This is different from the rest! I've read various publications about mindfulness which have been very insightful but found following Bob's program has made things clearer and it has been easier to keep to a 'mindful' path.

Thank you JJ! Really pleased with the value you have found. Keep up the practice and do stay in touch.

 by Lisa
Your Mindful Journey

Bob's 8 week online mindfulness course 'Your Mindful Journey' was easy to follow, engaging and motivating and came at a time when I was just starting a business and my focus was somewhat lacking. With daily motivational posts, and access to a Facebook group to comment and share throughout the course and with regular feedback and helpful insights from Bob, I have found that mindfulness itself has put me in a much more positive and action taking mindset. Perfect timing and another fabulous piece of training from the amazing Bob Brotchie.

Such high praise and how rewarding your feedback is, Lisa. Thank you so much. ?

 by John
Your Mindful Journey

Greater emotional stability? Who wouldn’t want that? For years I have struggled with personal ‘hang ups’ (e.g. an irrational fear of death, overreacting to certain situations) and because of certain chronic health conditions, an inability to view my own worth to myself or others. Having gone through this material, I see what all my worries are doing to me. My own thinking was having an unstable effect on my life. I indeed needed to focus on the NOW, the moment as it truly is. So, is this program a magical pill to cure all? Not at all if you read and walk away! Years ago, I did a cognitive behaviour course. I had no idea what it was meant to do for me other than me recanting my various issues and coming away each week feeling more anxious and upset. For 6 weeks, I just unloaded and no one ever gave me any feedback. This course is different in the way it helps you understand yourself and how you think and act. Thought provoking daily quotes keep each module in your thoughts and the exercises give you further help. For the FIRST time, I understand how being mindful can give greater emotional stability and this journey is one of the most exciting I have ever taken.

Thank you, John. Your participation throughout the program and sharing the strides you have made during the last few months has been heartwarming.

 by Penni
Your Mindful Journey

Heartfelt thanks to Bob for this fabulous course. It has helped me tremendously - guiding me step by step into a much calmer, more aware and less judgemental state of being - bliss! Each module seamlessly supports the last and prepares for the next. The comprehensive content is excellently written and easy to understand. The practical steps are both enjoyable and simple to incorporate into daily life. Bob's compassion and wealth of knowledge is ever present and the daily emails and quotes are both uplifting and inspiring. Greater emotional stability has certainly been achieved here! I recommend this course to everybody. Living such a hectic life, it's so easy to get lost. This course has brought me home to what is now, what is real and the things that truly matter. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much, Penni. This is wonderful to hear. To the 'now'!

 by Mags
Your Mindful Journey

I was so happy to be on this course. I was looking for something to help me find a little more relaxation, and I figured learning mindfulness would give that moment of focus and time away from the screen for a little while every day. It did that, but it did far more than that. Yes, I felt more relaxed and more grounded. What happened mostly is that I gained more insight. I realized I was having thoughts and feelings that were just getting lost in the cacophony of life. The return to the present helped me identify some things that were just not working for me, and perhaps, more importantly, gave me the guts to stop doing them. That gave space for new ideas to emerge and new habits to begin to form. So often we are just dealing with our past or trying to plan for the future and we forget that we get to make choices in the here and now. With a little time every day, this course taught me the skills to bring my attention back to myself, rather than the bills, the to do list, the goals that I should be pursuing... If you are missing something and you are not sure what it is? Try this course. The skills you learn will give you the calm and space to answer the big questions! Have fun! Mags PS Oh, and Bob is just amazing and such a calm and positive influence in the world ♥

Mags! Thank you for sharing your experience.

 by Sandra ten Hoope
Your Mindful Journey

Moi? Mindful? Yes Indeed I am NOW! Mindfulness ... we read about it. Think about it. Wonder about it. Would it indeed help me? Or would it be another to-do on an already very full list? Yet as we go on and on and go, we know, deep down, that we should slow down. If even for a second. Our mind is overflowing. Our body is showing us it needs a wee break. And then, as if the Universe could hear us, they send us Bob Brotchie's Mindfulness course. Or as I call it, journey. A journey that, guided by the wisdom and kindness of Bob and his team, is a very enjoyable one. Are there hurdles? For sure. Being mindful gives space. Which in space was swiftly occupied by worries from the past. Yet the easy to follow steps made me see how I could deal with those. Past, present, future ... Goals? By all means, do set them but we should not loose ourselves in them. Should not forget to merely BE. Right here. Right now. There is nothing to fear. Being more mindful is about YOUR mind. You are handed tools, in a most gentle way, to appreciate yourself. To acknowledge all the good and to forgive what you perceive(d) as bad. Did it turn me into a Zen-master? No, as I always say, I am more San than Zen. But it has given me a sense of relaxation, that has a huge effect on my body, mind and soul. By all means ask my partner and (bonus) child(ren), they sense the difference too. You have YOU to gain - jump aboard this ship to the beauty of your mind. Wishing you safe and pleasurable travels.

Thank you, Sandra. I'd say you are a little more 'Zen'!